Q: How long has Seashore Day Camp & School been in business?

A landmark at the Jersey Shore, The Seashore School is celebrating 44 years of academic excellence and Seashore Day Camp is entering its 92nd summer.


Q: What time does school start and end?

The school day begins at 9a.m. and ends with dismissal at 3:25p.m. for full-day students. Those in half-day programs are dismissed at noon.


Q: What is the background of the staff?

Our faculty is second to none. The majority of our teachers have been on staff for 10 years or longer. All teachers are fully qualified in their areas of education and maintain the degrees and certificates required to teach your children. Many hold master’s degrees in either their specialty or in education.


Q: What does the curriculum include?

From preschool through eighth grade, The Seashore School offers a strong curriculum that focuses on academics, athletics and the arts. While it is aligned to meet or exceed National Common Core Standards, the schedule includes science lab, technology, Spanish, music, fine and performing arts, physical education, year-round swim lessons and a rich assortment of middle school electives. Our rigorous course of study prepares students so well for the next step in their education, they typically score in the 90th percentile in standardized exams, test out of Freshman Spanish, have already taken Algebra 1 and gain acceptance to the high schools of their choice – including the career academies.


Q: What is the class size?

Our classes are limited to 15 students, which allows teachers to provide individual attention, take course work further and give children a competitive edge.


Q: Where do most students live?

Students come from an area that is 15 miles around Long Branch. We provide transportation to and from school.


Q: Is there a school uniform?

Seashore does not require a uniform, but does ask students to dress appropriately for school. A dress code is listed in our student handbook.


Q: What is the policy for parental observation?

Seashore has an open door policy, but a call is appreciated prior to your visit.


Q: What should I do if my child is taking medicine?

Medicine must be brought to our nurse PRIOR to the start of school or camp. By LAW, for children to take medicine (even Tylenol) on our premises, it must be labeled with their name and be accompanied by a written consent signed by the parent.


Q: What high schools do graduates attend?

Those who stay with Seashore through eighth grade typically gain acceptance to the high schools of their choice. Three graduates in the last four years are currently attending High Technology High School, ranked number two in New Jersey. Another is at Allied with a 97 average. Two graduated from Allied last year and one completed Marine Academy of Science and Technology earning early acceptance to Eckerd College for Marine Biology. Our graduates also have attended Biotechnology High School, ranked one in New Jersey, Communications High School, Christian Brothers Academy and the specialized academies at Red Bank Regional, as well as parochial and public high schools.


Q: Do students have to take the PARCC?

Instead of spending a large percentage of the year preparing for the PARCC, our students participate in a diversified, well-rounded curriculum and take the Terra Nova. Our faculty does not believe in teaching to a test. They make sure students thoroughly understand the material so they enter exams prepared and confident.


Q: What sets Seashore apart?

Seashore is known for its family environment, small class size, individual attention and award-winning, well-rounded, nationally rececognized program that helps children build confidence, explore talents and make friendships that last a lifetime.


Q: How much is tuition?

Tuition for both camp and school is very competitively priced. Affordable payment options are available, including the cost-effective 12-Month Plan. Please call for rates.


Q: Is there still availability at school?

Certain classes are full, while others have openings. Call 732-222-6464 for details, a tour or to observe a class in session.




Q: What time does camp start and end?

Organization for the day starts at 9:15a.m. Half-day nursery campers are dismissed at 12:15p.m. Full-day campers begin boarding buses at 3:35p.m. Our last bus is on the road by 3:45p.m.


Q: Is there childcare before and after school and camp?

Morning childcare is available from 7:30-9a.m. at no charge and extended care is offered for an additional fee. Children must be picked up at 410 Broadway by 6p.m. at the latest.


Q: What does my child need to bring to camp on a daily basis?

Campers should wear clothes suitable for sports (shorts, tee-shirt and SNEAKERS. Flip flops are not appropriate footwear for any areas other than the pool). Campers should also bring two bathing suits, a towel and lunch in a lunchbox with insulation. While water is always available, we suggest freezing an extra bottle to send with your child on extremely hot days. Please label everything.


Q: Who do I call if my child will be absent from school or camp?

If your child is not coming to school or camp, please CALL our office before 7:30a.m. Please do not leave transportation messages on the answering machine.


Q: What lunch options are available?

Students and campers can bring lunch in an insulated lunch box or order online from Tuzzio’s or the Salad Shack. Ordering instructions are on our website. In addition, we have Snapple and snack machines on the premises.


Q: What shouldn’t my child bring?

Please do not send any electronics or glass bottles. Cell phones are for emergencies and must stay in the Seashore bag. If used during the day, the phone will be held in the office to be picked up by the parent.


Q: What is the bullying policy?

Seashore Day Camp and School has a ZERO bullying policy. Children are expected to treat each other and our staff with respect and courtesy. If a child verbally or physically hurts another, he or she will be suspended for one day. If it happens again, the child will not be allowed to attend the camp or school.




Q: What are the qualifications of the drivers?

Our drivers must be at least 21 years old with three years of experience. They hold a CDL license with a passenger and school bus endorsement. As part of the CDL (Commercial Drivers License), a background check and fingerprints are required.


Q: What time will my child be picked up and dropped off?

Your driver will call you the weekend before school or camp starts to introduce him or herself and let you know the pick up time. Depending where you live, pick up usually is from 8 to 8:30a.m. and drop off is between 4 and 5p.m.


Q: What should I do if I need to pick up my child early?

Please call the office in the morning. All requests for early pick up need to be made before 2p.m.


Q: Can my child go home on the bus with another camper or student?

If there is room on the bus, we can accommodate the request. You must call our main office before 2p.m. and send a note to the counselor or teacher so we can make the arrangement.